Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mutual Masturbation - w/Breastmilk & Cum Soup

Mutual Masturbation: Enjoying Breastmilk & Cum Soup

Ok, ok, I know. This is supposed to be a masturbation blog. Well, yeah... but sometimes it's nice to get a helping hand towards then end of a nice long monkey spanking session. This is often called "Mutual Masturbation", but could easily be called a handjob. In this case, I did some pre-event masturbating for over an hour to ensure a bountiful load or two. Tonight, instead of my usual solo fun, I get a helping hand for one of my kinkiest masturbation sessions ever. I think you'll agree, it's pretty awesome if you like breast milk, cumplay, and cum eating. My boner was rock hard and my balls were full to the brim with cum just waiting to explode.

My penis always enjoys playing with friends. Leaves my hands free to play with titties or your sweet pussy. And I always can use extra hands when I want to use a cum catcher like a spoon, plate, trivet, spoon holder, cup, bowl, tablet screen, laminated porn, donuts, yogurt, get the picture. I'm a freak for sperm slurping!

Big natural breasts, bursting with milky delights tasting so creamy and rich... But I couldn't drink it all now if we wanted to get really kinky. Bring the kink, um, er, I mean bring the "Blue Sippy Bowl Cum Catcher", we like it kinky so that my cum eating fetish is stroked in all the right places. Cum & milk soup, cumming up!

My friend has enormous 36D tits, which I happily fondled while masturbating. Her juggs were even larger than usual because she had recently had a baby and was lactating quite heavily. We're talking totally engorged with breast milk. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about the milk I swigged fresh from her puffy swollen nipples. At this point in our festivities, she milked herself into the Blue Sippy Bowl Cum Catcher while I looked on and rubbed my penis. Once she had a decent amount of milk in the bowl, she switched her attention over to my boner, aiming to add some semen flavor to our kinky soup recipe.

I love having my nutsack tugged on whenever I have a nice boner like this. My friend has to keep pressure on the topside of my penis with her finger to keep my erection aloft. Such a great feeling to be so hard and such an extension of the ejaculation factory that lies beneath.

This photo shows off the upward bend of my wiener, perfect for hitting a G-Spot and making us both happy. After only another few minutes of wanking, it's time to capture a load of fresh, delicious cum for us to enjoy!

Well folks, this penis is ready to pour out another bountiful helping of yummy sperm! The kink factor is right where I like it, my balls are boiling with a massive load of nut nectar, and there's an Aneros Prostate Massager up my ass. I'd say Euphoria is an apt description of this moment, thinking about the fun so far, and anticipating a tasty cum & breast milk soup.

As she gently holds my manhood, it begins to erupt with cum. It's difficult to describe just how totally hot this was and how good it felt. I knew right from the beginning of my orgasm that a heavy load was on the way. My friend did a great job of aiming my squirts into the Blue Sippy Bowl Cum Catcher. When I bought this cum catcher, another gem from Target, I also purchased these thigh-high hose (in my larger size). I love it kinky!

This shows what must be the second or third gush of cum from my boner. Did I tell you it felt good? The bowl is looking so delicious at this point, and my mouth was watering before my penis was halfway done ejaculating. Kid in a candy shop!

The final drops of cum have arrived, and my entire load is now swimming around with my friend's breast milk in the world-famous Blue Sippy Bowl Cum Catcher. I was hungry for it, but when there's a lady present, I always share! I wish I could have snapped some photos as she sucked our breast milk & cum soup through the little straw, savoring each mouthful and then swallowing, but she's too shy to have her face in any pix. Take it from me, it was a lifetime top-10 erotic moment. It was such a turn-on that I almost came again just now thinking about it.


  1. Hey love your site. I noticed you commented on my website. I had to come over and check yours out. That lady has lovely nails. You must really have a good time together. I don't use toys on myself, other than butt plugs (how can you not) but maybe I should try. I've kind of experienced the multiorgasm before but I'm unsure how to do it again. Not sure I would like it. The 10 minutes I need in between now is a nice break. I'm horny like crazy as it is. Non stop with no break may be worse, lol. Keep up the blog I like it. If you are interesting in owning your own domain name but need help configuring, let me know, I'll help you out.

  2. I absolutely loved your mommymilk and cum soup . You have one awesome girl there. Do everything to cherish and keep her. My wife did the milk and cum fun with me but had only a taste and only after I fed it to her in cake. She didn't mind my slurping it all up though. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to post the pics/vids Thanks for sharing your sexperience

  3. Just found your blog...what a fabulous way to begin by finding your titty milk/cumsoup ! I know it must have been delicious.


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